I am a foreigner and employed in France, can I undertake a skills assessment ?

Yes, your rights are the same as those of French employees : if you have been a salaried employee in France for at least 5 years, the same funding rules apply (see Funding and application criteria). Our agency offers skills assessments in English or in French.

How do I find out which OPACIF I belong to in order to fund my skills assessment ?

From your company’s “NACE” code (printed on your pay slips) you will be able to determine which OPACIF you belong to with the chart from the website of Fongecif PACA.

I am an employee and I wish to undertake a skills assessment. Do I have to tell my employer ?

No, not if you are going to do the assessment outside of working hours (see Funding and application criteria).

Can I undertake a skills assessment during parental leave or sabbatical leave ?

Yes. This is an ideal time to do so, and in both cases, you do not need to inform your employer.

I already did a skills assessment a few years ago. Can I do another one now ?

Yes, as long as you adhere to the legal requirement of five years between two funding applications.

I am a job seeker. Can I undertake a skills assessment ?

Yes, you can contact your “Pôle Emploi” advisor in order to request the funding of your skills assessment.

I am neither a job seeker nor an employee. Can I undertake a skills assessment ?

If you are neither an employee, nor registered as a job seeker, you may undertake a skills assessment by funding it yourself (contact us for an estimate).

What are the laws and the Code of Ethics binding skills assessment centres* ?

  • The recipient’s consent is compulsory : a skills assessment can only be carried out if you are fully willing to undertake it.

  • The advisor is bound by strict professional confidentiality throughout the assessment and after.

  • Once the assessment has been completed, all the working documents about you will be destroyed.

  • You are the sole owner of your skills assessment results handed over to you at the end of the assessment.

  • The results will not be handed over to a third party (including your employer) without your authorization.

  • With your written authorization, we shall keep the results for a maximum of one year for follow-up purposes. Without this authorization, they will be destroyed at the same time as the other documents.

* Sources : articles R6322-59 and L6313-10 of the French "Code du Travail".